Creating a Paradigm Shift in Pharmacy Care

Partnership is the single most important component of transforming healthcare. It will take collaboration between many companies and individuals to expand access, quality and affordability of services provided locally to consumers. eTrueNorth is leading the effort by working specifically with the below groups. Click to learn more.

eTrueNorth’s value proposition is rooted in partnership with retail pharmacies. When a retail pharmacy takes advantage of the eTrueNorth infrastructure, they have the opportunity, as an independent CLIA-waived laboratory, to participate in eLabNetwork.
eLabNetwork retail pharmacies benefit from:
  • Standardized quality and compliance process
  • Monetizing point-of-care testing
  • Make lab results personal
  • Ability to scale their success
Retail pharmacies create a win-win situation with consumers when they partner with eTrueNorth by driving access, quality and affordability.
eTrueNorth has made it easier for employers to gather biometric data from employees as part of wellness programs. Employees may now obtain biometric screenings at their local pharmacies. For employees who miss onsite wellness screenings or work away from the office, eTrueNorth’s voucher system can benefit employers by:
  • Providing high-quality, accurate and precise point-of-care testing to employees
  • Increasing participation as employees have easy access to wellness screenings
  • Providing real time transfer of data to wellness provider
By expanding employee wellness screenings at retail pharmacies, employers will no long need to chase data. The eTrueNorth infrastructure makes wellness screenings easier for employees and employers alike.
eTrueNorth can help insurance providers and payors improve outcomes with its network of CLIA-waived laboratories located at retail pharmacies. Specifically, third-party payors may benefit from:
  • Gap in care closures
  • Immediate result submission via real-time API to electronic medical record (EMR)
  • Opportunity for improvement with Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS)
  • Infrastructure designed to enhance Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Star Measurements for Medicare beneficiaries
eTrueNorth can expand access to laboratory testing, assist payors improve quality metrics and, most importantly, help patients improve their overall health.

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eTrueNorth's technology infrastructure is designed to assist pharmacies to play a larger role in their consumer's healthcare.