Fitting Healthcare into Everyday Life

The direction of a compass points toward the magnetic north pole. It is the same for everyone. The difference between “true north” and “magnetic north” is based on a starting point.

To optimize health, everyone should know their health-related factors that determine their personal “true north.” The key to success is personalized recommendations designed to help individuals navigate their health journey.

eTrueNorth is fitting healthcare into everyday life by empowering retail pharmacies to help individuals understand their starting point by leveraging laboratory testing.


User-friendly software that simplifies administrative processes for CLIA-waived laboratories that conduct point-of-care testing.

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A network of independent CLIA-waived laboratories located in retail pharmacies.

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Retail pharmacies can provide onsite medication-management laboratory testing that empowers pharmacists to consult with a physician and have an immediate intervention with the consumer.

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Retail pharmacy interactions now serve as an opportunity to close gaps in care and enhance the healthcare experience of the patient.

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Voucher Solutions

Maximizing participation in wellness screening events by utilizing retail pharmacies.

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Creating a Paradigm Shift in Pharmacy Care.

For the average consumer, their local pharmacist is the most accessible health care professional as pharmacies are open 7 days a week. The average high-risk patient sees their pharmacist 35 times per year versus their primary care practitioner only 4 times (Pharmacy Times, August 2014). eTrueNorth partners specifically with retail pharmacies, employee wellness stakeholders, third-party payors, as well as other healthcare identities to drive access, quality and affordability of healthcare.

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By leveraging the accessibility of retail pharmacies, eTrueNorth expands the scope of services provided to consumers to be more effective and higher quality and, at the same time, enhance the pharmacy’s value as a key participant in a multidisciplinary health care delivery model. Let’s talk about how we can partner together to improve healthcare.