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It’s harder and harder to stay afloat in today’s economy, but if you’re a retail pharmacy and you’re not already offering point-of-care testing (POCT), you could be leaving money on the table.

Third-party payers are actively looking to close the gap in care created when patients fail to undergo testing recommended by their doctors. It’s simply too much trouble for many busy patients to sit in a waiting room at their doctor’s office.

But you can make testing as easy as picking up a prescription. And we make it possible.


Join our eLabNetwork to offer point-of-care testing at your pharmacy

  • Increase your revenue. Fortunately, pandemic needs are declining, which unfortunately also means a decrease in revenue. Additional services help you boost profits and benefit your customers.
  • Stand out from online pharmacies. Offer advanced services that online-only competitors can’t – increasing foot traffic and customer loyalty.
  • Practice at the top of your license. Pharmacists are highly trained and capable of much more than just “counting by fives.” You can be more active in helping your patients find their wellness “true north.”
  • Support the health of your customers. These tests can help patients get crucial early diagnoses and help their physicians and health plans provide evidence-based care, faster and cheaper.

How we help

  • Active customer engagement. We can help you reach and engage the patients who need testing and bring them into your pharmacy, thanks to our contracts with health plans, federal and local governments, and wellness companies.
  • CLIA certification assistance. We employ experts deeply knowledgeable in requirements for each state (and each county in California); they’ll help you with training and paperwork during setup – and with any ongoing questions through our 24/7 CLIA hotline.
  • Supply/equipment helpline. Our helpline staff is trained on POCT equipment from all the major vendors and can answer your questions or connect you directly to the vendor.
  • Optional software and delivery system. Should you need it, we also offer proprietary technology that communicates what testing each patient needs, helps you document quality control, and reports results back to doctors and health plans.
Don’t leave money on the table.

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