eTrueNorth Introduces New Brand

Fort Worth, Texas, Aug. 8, 2022 – Approaching a 10-year anniversary mark, eTrueNorth today unveiled an updated brand––a look and feel illustrative of innovative thinking and practical implementation.

Since its founding in 2013, eTrueNorth has built a delivery system to simplify access to healthcare across the United States. Convenient point-of-care testing for health remains a large part of the company’s future plans, as does the desire to see healthcare delivery expand to diverse populations.

  • eTrueNorth’s new logo combines a checkmark with an upward arrow, conveying both a fulfillment of standards of care and an increase in quality and convenience––ultimately, helping patients navigate the healthcare system to find their own true north.
  • On the new site, dots and lines animate to form various geometric shapes, representing how the company meets patient needs by reimagining and reconfiguring elements of the healthcare system that are already in place.

With resources in place to implement critical healthcare services, such as screening and testing, eTrueNorth assists populations large and small. Additionally, eTrueNorth’s technology infrastructure is designed to help pharmacies directly with healthcare and testing needs.

“This fresh, bold branding truly reflects the ingenuity of our team and all that we have accomplished, and hope to accomplish, for patients across the nation,” says Coral S. May, co-founder and CEO. “As an organization, we feel invigorated for the next challenge.”

About eTrueNorth

eTrueNorth’s mission is to provide access to basic health and wellness services to every individual through our curated network of trusted providers at retail pharmacies. By empowering local pharmacies to administer preventive healthcare screenings and close gaps in care, eTrueNorth works in partnership with retail pharmacies, self-funded employers, and third-party payors to improve access to care, identify undiagnosed conditions, and better manage chronic diseases. eTrueNorth is Fitting Healthcare into Everyday LifeTM.

Susan Schoolfield