Voucher Solutions

eTrueNorth is a healthcare connector

By Connecting Employees to Additional Screening Solutions and Vaccinations Programs, Employers Win

eTrueNorth is making it easier for employers to gather biometric data from employees as part of wellness programs. Wellness program participants may now obtain biometric screenings at their local pharmacies thanks to the eLabNetwork Voucher Solution. For employees who miss onsite wellness screenings, work remotely or work shifts where onsite screenings are inconvenient, the eLabNetwork Voucher Solution provides the infrastructure to increase participation by providing:

  • high-quality, accurate and precise point-of-care testing to employees at their local pharmacies.
  • real-time transfer of data to wellness providers.

A Voucher Solution that Maximizes Participation
in Wellness Screening Events and Flu Shot Programs

eLabNetwork is composed of independent CLIA-waived laboratories located in retail pharmacies. Employees now have more access to wellness screenings any time of day including evenings and weekends. Results are shared immediately with the participant and real-time data is securely transferred to the employer’s health and wellness portal.

eLabNetwork software coordinates eligibility, scheduling, voucher creation and billing for:

  • common vaccines
  • basic counseling
  • COVID-19 Testing

eLabNetwork makes wellness screenings easier for
employees, employers and wellness companies.

Meet Jada

eLabNetwork software enables quick and easy workplace screenings at local pharmacies

  • Jada Visits Website - Identified as an eligible participant & downloads voucher.
  • Selects Pharmacy – Based on zip code, she chooses a pharmacy and schedules an appointment.
  • Pharmacy Confirms Identity & Testing Needs – Software easily enables verification.
  • Immediate Results – Jada receives test results immediately and the pharmacist is available to answer questions. Software automatically stores results & securely sends to wellness or health screening vendor.
  • Process Payment – Software seamlessly handles all necessary invoicing and payments.

eTrueNorth Drives Access, Quality and Affordability
of Workplace Screenings

Vouchers for wellness screenings simply make good sense. Employers want to maximize program participation. Employees want easy access to high-quality screenings at a familiar location they trust. The eLabNetwork wellness screening voucher program offers:

  • the needed technology to encourage employees to obtain screenings at the most convenient pharmacy.
  • the ability to avoid the schedule conflicts of on-site screenings by providing additional screening solutions.
  • flexibility to schedule screenings year-round or tied to specific campaign dates.
  • seamless data exchange shortens time lag between screenings and when results appear on employee’s health risk assessment.

Learn More about Our Voucher Solutions

Our team of market development specialists are ready to talk to you about how best to maximum participation in wellness screenings.

By leveraging the convenience of retail pharmacies, eLabNetwork fits healthcare into everyday life.