ePOCT Suite

Software that simplifies administrative processes for CLIA-waived lab that conduct point-of-care testing

Point-of-care testing professionals now have the ability to quickly and easily access regulatory and compliance resources, policies and procedures to guide appropriate actions, and quality control result tracking and reporting, as well as self-paced training. In addition, these online resources can be accessed via web or mobile devices.

The ePOCT Suite of solutions includes:

  • eReg POCT provides a comprehensive resource of regulatory requirements related to CLIA-waived laboratory management. Included in the software are Federal, State and local regulatory requirements, contacts and compliance checklists. Organizations can minimize staff time related to researching and updating regulatory requirements with this cost effective e-solution.
  • eP&P POCT is an easy to use, configurable set of CLIA-waived laboratory policies and procedures designed for quick and easy regulatory compliance. Template documents provide guidance on configuration to ensure an organization’s compliance with CLIA-waived requirements as well as state-specific policy and procedure documentation. All policies and procedures are reviewed at a minimum on a biannual basis. Users are notified of updates and instructions to ensure lab specific P&P manuals are kept current.
  • eQC POCT is a cloud-based software solution designed to streamline device inventory and documentation of quality control practices. Statistical quality control reports, inclusive of Levey Jennings charts, are generated by the software. Users of eQC POCT can easily demonstrate compliance with federal and state regulations; saving time and money in the event of an audit. Reports are available at the licensing organization level as well as peer comparison in standard and custom queries.

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