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Innovative Artificial Intelligence Predicts

Probability of Positive COVID-19 Test Results

eTrueNorth Insight Empowers Employers with

Predictive Modeling to Manage COVID-19 at the Workplace

eTrueNorth empowers employers to better manage risk for COVID-19 at work. The eTrueNorth Insight software utilizes artificial intelligence built on actual COVID-19 test results and self-reported assessment data that identifies individuals who should be tested. Complete with data tracking and continuous monitoring, the software uses a proprietary algorithm to suggest which employees have a higher probability of a positive COVID-19 test result. By implementing a clinical approach for assessing risk, the software can help employers identify specific employees who may have a higher risk of a positive test result, provide continuous data collection and help manage employees’ safe return to work.

eTrueNorth has enabled drive-through COVID-19 testing with clinical laboratory services and needed technology infrastructure to test more than 150,000 Americans and counting.

Partnering with Employers to Create Safer Workplaces

  • Creates a testing recommendation baseline for employees
  • Reduces cost of testing by using predictive analytics to determine who is most likely to test positive
  • Identifies “hot spots” and potential exposures using geo-mapping to inform predictive analytics
  • Tracks employees during their 10-day period of quarantine
  • Provides Real-time reports on the COVID-19 health status of all participating employees
  • HITRUST technology platform
contruction workers

Built to Identify High Probability of Positive Test Result

eTrueNorth helped lead drive-through COVID-19 testing in the U.S. Using this knowledge, eTrueNorth is now assisting employers to implement a “safe return to work” initiative. The proprietary online platform engages employees with assessments and predicts which employees should be tested based on the aggregate testing data. The eTrueNorth Insight tool can assist employers in creating a safe work environment by using an AI platform to help specific employees understand their risk and recommend testing, continuously monitoring your workforce and, if needed, helping manage an employee’s return to work.

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