eTrueNorth Optimistic About the Future of Public Health

Point-of-care testing will clearly play an important role in the near- and long-term delivery of healthcare services to Americans, and eTrueNorth is actively evaluating point-of-care devices for use in public health and retail pharmacy settings

Even with the record-rising COVID-19 positive cases and hospitalizations across the country, there are positive underlining developments in our fight against this pandemic that should provide optimism regarding the future of public health. We’ve seen several possible SARS-CoV-2 vaccines with manufacturer-reported high effective rates. Recent media attention has spotlighted the U.S. Department of Health & Human Service’s Operation Warp Speed’s goal to produce and deliver 300 million doses of safe and effective vaccines by January 2021. A new Gallup poll reported that more Americans are willing to receive the vaccine today than in September. Further, COVID-19 testing options are increasing with the evolution of rapid testing, which eTrueNorth is supporting.

eTrueNorth is actively participating in what can be described as a glimpse of optimism in a time when most of the country is experience unyielding spread of COVID-19. Yes, new cases and hospitalizations are rising, however with increasing testing options, vaccines closer to large-scale availability, and better treatments, many public health companies are looking beyond this pandemic. eTrueNorth knows the near- and long-term future of public health is clearly positioned in point-of-care testing. We have a proven track record of successfully implementing POC testing across the country. Our roots are firmly planted, providing and expanding accurate and precise preventive and diagnostic testing in public health settings and retail pharmacies.

Even while we continue to fight this pandemic and certainly after we limit the virus’s ability to spread, Americans will need more point-of-care testing options. Americans want these testing options to be convenient and available close to their home and at convenient times. They also demand these testing options be accurate. Moving beyond testing, consumers want expanded healthcare services to be delivered in the same convenient and quality-driven fashion as testing.

As a leader in POC testing in the public health arena, eTrueNorth is constantly being asked to evaluate emerging and new point-of-care testing devices. We’ve actively participated in the public-private partnership and demonstrated that retail pharmacies are a vital resource in public health initiatives. We are currently helping manufacturers create testing procedures that can ultimately benefit Americans.

When working with manufacturers to evaluate new POC entries into the marketplace, eTrueNorth first ensures the POC device has an EUA and is approved to be used in a waived laboratory environment. We then evaluate the market applicability and consider its sensitivity and specificity, testing procedures, IT capabilities, ability to be integrated into public health settings and retail pharmacies, reading and reporting results and user support.

eTrueNorth is committed to expanding the appropriate use of POC testing devices to diagnose disease and to manage chronic diseases. We know that by expanding POC testing in public health settings and retail pharmacies, Americans will benefit. We are proud to be a part of this process.

As a member of the eTrueNorth leadership team, I want to share my optimism for the future of public health. Together, by working diligently today to fight COVID-19 and preparing for the future where this pandemic is under control, we can improve access to healthcare services for Americans.

Whether eTrueNorth looks to add antibody tests and eventual coordination of COVID-19 vaccine delivery, or to work on other public health concerns such as HIV and Hep C testing, or to help in maintenance of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, our proven strategies and clinical expertise will add to the optimism that so many Americans are searching for today.

Understanding the US Private Public Partnership COVID-19 Testing Strategy

eTrueNorth enables 100% of all high-volume drive through surge testing sites in the US

Watch MAJ. Tiffany R. Bilderback explain the history of her role in COVID-19 testing.

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