eTrueNorth Enabling COVID-19 Vaccines at Major Pharmacy Brands

Four major pharmacy chains have turned to eTrueNorth to assist them in administering COVID-19 vaccines. Using the same technology infrastructure which we deploy for COVID-19 testing, eTrueNorth is helping retail pharmacies screen individuals for eligibility, schedule appointments, complete consents, issue vouchers, and provide second COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

Our objective is to utilize our proven technology infrastructure to facilitate Americans’ access to COVID-19 vaccinations just as we accomplished for COVID-19 testing. We are very pleased to report that we are actively scheduling vaccine appointments and enabling onsite registration at some 1,500 pharmacy locations across the country.

eTrueNorth created individually branded websites for each pharmacy chain to use that enables Americans to access COVID-19 vaccines.

JoLynn Coleman, eTrueNorth’s Vice President of Pharmacy Solutions, explained to me that central to each pharmacy’s ability to provide COVID-19 vaccines is ready access to a technology platform that can assist in every step of the process.

“Most pharmacies need access to an online resource that can provide the critical infrastructure needed for scheduling, consent and the crucial reminder to individuals for their second vaccine dose appointment, if applicable,” Coleman said. “Over the last month, FDA approval and state-specific eligibility requirements for who can receive a vaccine has been changing quickly. Our technology platform allows eligibility requirements to be changed within minutes. Further, the CDC recently changed their reporting requirements to include demographics of the individual receiving the vaccine. Our technology platform collects all the needed data to seamlessly transmit to the CDC’s Immunization Data Clearing House.”

In late March, the Federal Government announced its Federal Retail Pharmacy Partnership Program for COVID-19 Vaccinations that included plans to dramatically increase the number of vaccine doses available to pharmacies, in a bid to make shots broadly available. eTrueNorth has played a key role in accomplishing the objective to increase access to vaccines.

Our team has worked hard to meet the needs of each of our pharmacy partners. And we’ve managed to meet these needs very quickly. We knew the pharmacies would need a solution that could quickly adapt to the changing vaccination environment as we all share the same goal: to increase availability of the vaccine to Americans. I knew our platform could deliver.

eTrueNorth is currently scheduling thousands of COVID-19 vaccine appointments each day.

My colleague and eTrueNorth’s CEO Coral May summed it up best when she said, “The eTrueNorth team has done some pretty amazing things in a very short time period to enable pharmacies to be able to offer vaccines. We knew we could use what we’ve learned from enabling COVID-19 testing of Americans at retail pharmacies and surge testing sites to enable vaccines. We are more than proud to do our part to assist pharmacies in offering inoculations to more Americans.”

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