eTrueNorth Ready to Implement Rapid COVID-19 Test

With its expansive network of pharmacy partners, rapid COVID-19 testing can be an option to support international travel, events, sports, schools or workplaces

The COVID-19 testing needs of Americans continue to evolve.

The need for diagnostic testing with good sensitivity and specificity to SARS-2 COVID-19 continues to be critically important. The process of specimen collection and testing is necessary to slow the spread of the virus. Drive-through tests at retail locations and surge events continue to be a vital element in the pandemic response. eTrueNorth is currently coordinating 100% of all US Department of Health and Human Services drive-through high-volume COVID-19 surge testing sites across the country. We have already scheduled appointments, issued vouchers, collected specimens and coordinated laboratory tests for more than 800,000 Americans. That number continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Recently, we clearly see that the testing needs of Americans are changing. Some Americans are now seeking testing options that confirm they are healthy rather than confirmation that they are COVID-19 positive. We actively see this need evolving as people consider U.S.-based and international-travel, attendance at events such as sports games, conferences, meetings as well as students attending school or employees at the workplace. Individuals may need proof of a negative test result in short order allowing they to physically attend work, events and travel. Recently, approved rapid tests are quickly becoming a viable option when fast and repetitive COVID tests are needed.

eTrueNorth’s network of 10,000+ local pharmacies is uniquely positioned to assist with rapid COVID-19 testing. When a rapid test is needed, an individual will schedule an appointment, print a voucher, visit a local pharmacy and get test results back same day via their portal account. eTrueNorth has the technology in place to support rapid COVID-19 testing as well as other point of care testing for lipid profiles and diabetes.

Whether government agencies or private groups are seeking rapid testing options among a population, members of the eTrueNorth pharmacy network are prepared to implement point-of-care rapid COVID-19 tests around the country.

In the future, eTrueNorth looks to add antibody tests and eventually coordination of vaccine delivery. eTrueNorth is also working to implement its proven infrastructure for other public health concerns, such as HIV and Hep C testing, as well as for maintenance of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Proven strategies and clinical expertise have prepared the company to address public health concerns, known and unknown.

We are certain the testing needs of Americans will continue to transition in the future. eTrueNorth is working to meet these needs.

Understanding the US Private Public Partnership COVID-19 Testing Strategy

eTrueNorth enables 100% of all high-volume drive through surge testing sites in the US

Watch MAJ. Tiffany R. Bilderback explain the history of her role in COVID-19 testing.

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