eTrueNorth Positions Itself for Americans’ Future Public Health Needs

COVID-19 has accelerated eTrueNorth’s planned readiness for future public health needs

At eTrueNorth, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated our plan to address public health needs of the country.

Our mission from the inception of the company was to make healthcare more accessible to Americans. We knew our goal of improving access would be integral to the collective response to many health needs, both known and unimagined. COVID-19 certainly hastened our plans. Today, eTrueNorth stands more than ready to play a significant and important role in the future of public health.

eTrueNorth is currently coordinating about 50% of all US Department of Health and Human Services drive-through COVID-19 testing sites across the country. We have already scheduled appointments, issued vouchers, collected specimens and coordinated laboratory tests for more than 500,000 Americans. That number continues to grow at exponential rate.

eTrueNorth is honored to be a part of the national response effort.

What some people don’t realize is that eTrueNorth has been planning to be a solutions provider to the other significant public health issues facing Americans. We have plans to implement our proven infrastructure for HIV, Hep C, vaccines and more. By partnering with pharmacy brands, the federal government and states, we are confident that our model will make an impact in our nation’s response to public health crises. COVID-19 simply accelerated our involvement in this important work.

By implementing our model to enable COVID-19 testing, we are increasingly better prepared to help with flu shots, maintenance of chronic diseases like diabetes and coordination of HIV and Hep C testing, as well as public health challenges that are yet unknown.

Our work with COVID-19 is far from over. eTrueNorth will continue to deliver a comprehensive suite of COVID services which include a predictive algorithm, networked collection and testing (PCR, point of care and antibody testing). Additionally, we are working with to bring innovative technology to the marketplace which will expand testing options and provide faster results. Plans include coordination for delivery of flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine distribution when it is available.

eTrueNorth stands by its mission to “enable healthcare to be delivered close to home.” The future of healthcare will be driven by trusted local pharmacists at local pharmacies. While our work fighting COVID-19 will continue for some time, we continue to focus on our core business of supporting local pharmacists, knowing that now and into the future, they will be a critical component of healthcare delivery.

Michael McEntee

Michael McEntee

Chairman & Chief Science Officer

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By leveraging the accessibility of retail pharmacies, eTrueNorth expands the scope of services provided to consumers to be more effective and higher quality and, at the same time, enhance the pharmacy’s value as a key participant in a multidisciplinary health care delivery model. Let’s talk about how we can partner together to improve healthcare.