eTrueNorth Refocuses Strategy to Support COVID-19 Testing

eTrueNorth is currently supporting more than 56% of all U.S. Department of Health and Human Services funded testing sites.

eTrueNorth’s vision of “fitting healthcare in everyday life” is quickly becoming a reality as the company has enabled expanded access of healthcare services at retail pharmacies.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., eTrueNorth knew it had the proven infrastructure in place and could actively participate in testing Americans. Leveraging its partnerships with Walmart, Kroger and McKesson’s Health Mart, eTrueNorth could deploy the same technology it’s used every day to close gaps in care, support employee wellness screenings and identify undiagnosed conditions. And, eTrueNorth quickly assembled a curated network of certified laboratories to analyze specimens. Thus, eTrueNorth began its current work of testing Americans for COVID-19.

eTrueNorth started with one drive-through testing site in Joliet, Illinois. By working in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, local municipalities and more importantly, local pharmacies, eTrueNorth is currently supporting more than 56% of all HHS-funded testing sites.

What does the future hold? By our nature, eTrueNorth is an optimistic company. We see a future full of positive possibilities:

  • We will continue to support drive-through testing sites and actively participating in expanding into new sites every week. We want to test as many Americans for COVID-19 as needed and provide accurate results as quickly as possible.
  • We are working with other public health entities to investigate alternative COVID-19 testing methods with the possibility of expanding testing options and providing faster results.
  • We look to near future where antibody tests will be available.
  • When a COVID-19 vaccine is available, we want to be part of the solution that helps deliver vaccine to Americans.

And yet, eTrueNorth’s new role is still rooted where it began: enabling local pharmacists to be a critical component of healthcare delivery. This is just another step in leveraging the accessibility of retail pharmacies.

Michael McEntee

Michael McEntee


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By leveraging the accessibility of retail pharmacies, eTrueNorth expands the scope of services provided to consumers to be more effective and higher quality and, at the same time, enhance the pharmacy’s value as a key participant in a multidisciplinary health care delivery model. Let’s talk about how we can partner together to improve healthcare.